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Molotow Mach 3 Festival Trailer

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After watching this trailer, my mum ask me „Am I right that this is an ad for a club, where you can do sports and eat sandwiches?“. This is definitely an interesting interpretation and if I would develop theses thoughts any further, I can`t wait to visit this club, where old men with socks trying to catch their guitar in the weightlessness of the „Sky Bar“! Watch this very special festival trailer for the famous Molotowclub, a fun project I did in cooperation with Uwe of Auge Altona.


Molo Mach 3

Quadratmeterboy – Stop Motion Shortfilm (2012)

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After two weeks I started dreaming about scissors at night. Big scissors that came from out space to cut me out of real life and stuck me into a world full of smiling houses, sniffing anteaters and deers riding on deers. This was kind of a work you do once, and you think twice about it before you start a second time. I produced this animation film for the famous Hamburg clothing brand Cleptomanicx as a contribution for skateboarding-video contest. The film became second and got a Vimeo Stuff Pick! I am happy that over 200 bloggers worlwide shared this one.

Quadratmeterboy from CLEPTOMANICX on Vimeo.

The Making of Quadratmeterboy from CLEPTOMANICX on Vimeo.

Clepto-Making-Of-by-Sebastian-Heit_-16 Clepto-Making-Of-by-Sebastian-Heit_-46